Airbnb Might Be Your Remote Work Solution

by Leslie Campos When you’re not already used to it, working from home is a huge challenge. For parents with kids home from school or daycare, it can feel almost impossible. It’s extraordinarily hard to focus while also helping children stay on task or entertained throughout the day. If you and your partner both need to work remotely, the challenge is even more intense. Fortunately, there’s a lifehack you can use to make your work from home process simpler: rent an Airbnb or a vacation property to use as an office away from home. You can get out of the house during the week or even trade days with your partner; that way, you both get a few days a week to really dive in and focus. It’s an added expense, but if you can manage the cost, it will pay dividends in productivity. Plus, you may be able to write it off, depending on your circumstances.  Below HuntersWife.Blog has

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The First Year

My lovely daughter, Janaya made a year this past April! I was so elated that she made it to year. I couldn’t have family and friends over like I wanted but we did what we could with zoom (which has been amazing). This past year has had its ups and downs. Janaya was hitting every milestone but then stopped at 3 months. She began missing them since then. Her tone was off. Her muscles were so tight that cerebral palsy was a concern. Her head was small that she was diagnosed with microcephaly. She didn’t have enough brain tissue. I did tummy time but she still couldn’t lift her head. It hurt so much to know that she wouldn’t be at the same level as other babies her age. Her doctor was wonderful getting her to a neurologist and through the neurologist she got early intervention services which include physical therapy and eventually speech therapy. The services would be available

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Wifely Advice

My cousin is getting married in November. My fellow PA is getting married next year. Another coworker got married two days ago.  With all these weddings happening, I thought I would write what I’ve learned in the past 3 years since I said “I do”. DISCLAIMER:  MARRIAGE IS WORK!!!! What I’m writing, of course, doesn’t apply to every marriage. The Wedding Unless your fiance is super involved, the wedding is meant for the woman. Its all the bells and whistles to show everyone “This is who I’m going to marry and how I’m going to do it!”. New brides put tons and tons of cash towards this event and forget there needs to be money later for a new house, children, and just BILLS. Don’t drown yourself in debt for this one event. The marriage is what lasts not the wedding. The day of your wedding will be a distant and hopefully fond memory. (I seriously hated the DJ at

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Originally posted on NATURALSISTA:
When you have 4C hair texture like mine, you are constantly looking for ways to reduce dryness, breakage and maintain moisture (MY LIFE AF). So one sunny day I was searching for  the most affordable way to co wash my strands (Yeah yeah I’m cheap af haha) I came across an interesting co washing method that involved Coconut oil and I gave it try and the results were so AMAZING I had to share it with you guys. CO WASH? WHAT IS IT ABOUT? A co-wash is a way to cleanse and nourish your hair with conditioner. Some people find co-washing to be so effective on their curls they’ve completely stopped using traditional shampoo.  So an effective co-wash should leave your scalp feeling clean, hydrated, and moisturized . With a co-wash, the goal is to simultaneously wash and condition your tresses. That means you don’t want to just smother your scalp in butters and oils and…